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About Culture in Educational Excellence

The mission of our organization is to equip educational leaders and teachers in urban communities and inner cities with practical tools that they can use in their everyday classroom setting to bridge cultural gaps and achieve educational excellence. 

Our unique services, including Classroom Culture Associates (CCAs) and Professional Development courses for educators, are designed to develop and support the cultural acumen needed to naturally build a strong relationship between educators, students and their parents. Our Classroom Culture Associates (CCAs) act as an advocate for teachers, parents and students.

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Eric G. Bullock, M.Ed


Their role is to improve the academic environment by building relationships with teachers, enhancing community within the classroom and addressing behavior concerns through restorative classroom methods. As all educators know, a relationship built on trust and open communication is the foundation of a high achieving educational environment; however, cultural understanding and awareness must be a vital part of this foundation. Culture In Educational Excellence is a resource to address this need through our Professional Development courses. 

Founded by an educator, born and raised by educators in Trenton, NJ, we understand that many teachers often become frustrated and do not understand why students are not engaged while at school – there is a cultural gap that needs to be addressed. In some cases, educators ask why it may seem like parents do not take their child’s education seriously and express that administrators do not truly understand the everyday struggle teachers go through in their classroom.


Our organization’s services teach the tools needed to identify cultural gaps in one’s academic environment, by using the Culture in Educational Excellence resources, and resources within the community to build a culture of high expectations, understanding and common ground. Professional Development topics range from classroom management, to teacher to teacher communication, and relationship building strategies to use with parents and guardians. Developing teacher’s relationship building and communication skills with a cultural lens is directly associated to a teachers ability to meet and exceed academic goals, this is our core focus. We recognize that our organization alone is not the solution, but by working together we can accomplish these goals. It is also imperative that educators learn to better utilize each other’s strengths to build a sustainable culture of excellence within the school. Our program teaches leaders and teachers the process to create a culture of support among educators, between administrators and staff members.  

Culture In Educational Success Deliverables: 


Increase in student morale 


Increase in parent-teacher communication 


Decrease in absenteeism 


Increase in staff morale


Increase in student self-esteem 


Decrease in suspensions 


Increase in parent involvement 

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