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Meet Eric G. Bullock, M.Ed

Educator & Founder of Culture in Educational Excellence

Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, by his mother, an educator, and his father, a corporate executive, Eric understands the challenges and see the opportunities teachers and educators face daily in the public school system, especially in the inner city. He also has been instilled with the fortitude to "get the job done." As founder and CEO of Culture in Educational Excellence,  he recognized the origin of disengaged students as a cultural gap, hindering effective communication between educators and students that needed to be addressed. 

Our Program



Client Profile

  • I want to connect more with my students and motivate them to be excited about learning.

  • My goal is to build collaborative relationships with my student’s parents and their support system. 


Client Profile

  • I’m looking forward to making new friends and discussing topics that I am interested in.

  • I’m interested in learning tools and strategies on how to be the best me that I can be.


Client Profile

  • I need help communicating with with my child and giving them the support that they need. I also need help with school and programming.

  • How can I better coordinate services provided at my child’s school with local services offered in my community.


Client Profile

  • I’m looking for impactful strategies to build relationships with my staff.

  • Our mission is to develop teachers that teach with passion cultural awareness.



"After receiving training from the Culture in Educational Excellence Teacher Coaching program, I am much more confident in my classroom and really look forward to building stronger relationships with my students and parents - and now truly understand the importance and value of doing so."



 "I had a great time with the Culture and Educational Excellence Mentoring program. I was extremely motivated by my mentees and the other students in the program. I can’t wait to participate again in the future, thank you!"



"After sitting through the parenting best practice seminar with Culture in Educational Excellence, I have built a better relationship with my children, their teacher and I am less stressed. I am a better parent and I am better equipped with strategies on how I best connect with my children."



It was a pleasure to use the services of Culture in Education Excellence for our first edition of the Trenton Literacy Movement Read Aloud series. All tapings were performed by CIEE in a very professional and timely manner. The expertise and technical support in editing, filming and audio prep was simply outstanding!



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We at CIEE are grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with "TTLM"  


Mr. James Earle, Superintendent of Trenton public schools is a featured reader, as they kick off another successful year of their after-school reading enrichment program.


 All Production and sound effects courtesy of Eric G. Bullock, Founder and CEO of Culture in Educational Excellence,


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Phone Number: (609) 337-5791

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